Sunday, January 2, 2011

Santa Comes to Colorado

This year, Jenna started getting into all that Christmas has to offer. It made the holiday magical for me once again. I loved seeing here face light up in wonderment. She loved going to the post office to pick up packages and she loved redecorating the tree.
 Our tree
Jenna's presents...well, there might have one or two for me and Brandon, but apparently she was much better behaved than we were all year!
One of the first gifts that she noticed after her tricycle and her grocery cart was her "Treasure." That is what she called her trunk with dress up clothes. This has been a really fun gift for her and her friends. Stay tuned  for pictures!
Checking out her new stringing beads. She is not really stringing them so much yet, as she is throwing them all over the floor, but she'll get it.
Yea! Food for her kitchen!
 A baby bobble from Santa for her babies.
Hugs for Elmo from Aunt Hedder.

She got many more presents, but I was still using my old camera and got kind of annoyed with it!

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