Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Were Supposed to be Fishing with Daddy...

Instead we...
Took turns with Alfie marking our territory,
looked for ants and

picked little bitty flowers.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is Wrong with Blogger?!?!?!

For some reason my posts are all of out order. So, if you want to see the pictures that I just added today, then scroll down past my catch up post. There are Mother's Day and Easter picts. Enjoy!

Time to Play Catch-Up!

I am working to get caught up on the latest happening up here in Eagle. Be patient with me! There should be quite a few posts over the net couple of days. Here are some from March!
Thought it was funny that her hair could have so much static while wet!

 Singing her favorite Puppy Hotdogs (The Search for Santa Paws)  song.

Sporting Mommy's sunglasses.
Daddy taking her for a ride in his suitcase.

Ooops! I Almost Forgot Easter!

Jenna got to color eggs for the first time this ear. Not sure why I reused to buy the egg coloring kit, but I thought why buy it when you can make it yourself. BIG mistake! HUGE! (Pretty Woman, anyone?) Anyhoo, the eggs still got dyed, but they turned earth tones instead of pastels. Oh well, live and learn1
These eggs are supposed to turn yellow and purple. We got yellow, but purple was more brown.
Why use a spoon to turn the eggs when she has a perfectly good finger?!
All messy! Maybe she can just lick it off!
Our finished project.
The easter Bunny made a stop at our house.

Checking out the goods.
Mmmmmmm...bunny chocolate!
Time to find the eggs!
Found another another one!
All ready for church.
Jenna and Daddy.

Jenna and Mommy.

A Hike and Some Time at the Park for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this Mommy got.... a SUNBURN! We went for a hike on Saturday and stopped by a park to let Jenna play for awhile. She had a blast. She even decided to go down the slide head first for the very first time. She loved it! We did celebrate on Sunday as well...Brandon was in charge of dinner! We had ribs and corn on the cob and mini cupcakes for dessert. Yum!

Riding a horsey.
Checking out elk/deer poop with Daddy.
Higher Daddy!
She's doing great on stairs these days. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that our house has a million of them!
Where's Jenna?!
Her latest favorite thing to do is to find rocks and throw them. Check out the boulder she's launching!
Down the slide she goes! do I get the rest of the way up this thing?
Picture for Mommy!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! So fun!

Jenna Takes a Break from Taxes

Well, Jenna hasn't exactly been doing a lot of taxes because she is still working on counting, but Brandon sure has.  In the middle of Tax Season he decided he missed us and worked from home for a couple of days! So when Daddy wanted to take a break we did fun stuff together! We went on a walk and Jenna "rode" her tricycle and we went to the park.

Jenna and Daddy ready to go!
Jenna posing for a picture for Mommy.
Daddy chasing after Jenna as she attempts to flee to the golf course.
Quick picture for Mommy at the park.
She's in a Big Girl Swing now!
Our little climber.