Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She's Growing Up!

She is getting so curious.

I find her getting into everything.

Help! Help! Help! Doesn't she look pitiful?

She's pulling up now too!

So proud of herself!

She's even sitting up! What a big girl!

Look at her go!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Baby is Brilliant!!!!

Jenna and I have been sporadically working on learning some signs, but now Miss Paige works on them as well. Tonight at dinner, Jenna was very fussy and just did NOT want to eat her food. She actually spit it at me a couple of times. Well, had I been paying attention better, I would have noticed that she was signing "milk." So, I made her another bottle, an lo and behold... that is what she really wanted!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jenna Gets a Big Girl Chair!

Daddy stopped by Target the other day and picked up his Sweetie Pie's "Big Girl Chair!" She's so proud of it!

Jenna Starts Posing for the Camera!

Lately, whenever I find Jenna doing someting cute, I run and grab the camera. When I call her name and she sees the camera, she automatically smiles and tilts her head even!! What a ham!

Justin and Carrie Come to Town...and bring Three Kiddos!

This past weekend, our dear friends,Justin and Carrie came into town for the night. They were driving back to Illinois from Galveston...with three kiddos in tow!!!! It was great to see them, as it has been quite a few years! Below are the only pictures I took. And they aren't even goods ones, but it's all I have to document our visit.

Carter, Caroline, and Jenna getting acquainted.

Jenna with her new BFF, Caroline.

Jenna Gets Into EVERYTHING!!!

Jenna sure is getting around the house these day. She's still doing the army crawl, but she is trying really hard to get moving on all fours. She has also been attempting to push herself into a seated position. Not quite there yet, but that's okay because Mommy really doesn't want her growing up too fast anyway!

Getting into the dog's toys. Yes, she chewing on the basket! (Did I mention she's teethin?!?!?)
Crawling into her Baby Einstein Exercauser.
Quite proud of her little fort.
Hanging out in one of the many dog beds around the house.
Once again into the dog food!

Jenna's First (Non-family) Babysitter!

Last Thursday, Mommy and Daddy had to go out to eat for Daddy's job. Jenna got to stay home with a babysitter. Her name is Melody. Jenna liked her a lot...and so did Alfie!