Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Justin and Carrie Come to Town...and bring Three Kiddos!

This past weekend, our dear friends,Justin and Carrie came into town for the night. They were driving back to Illinois from Galveston...with three kiddos in tow!!!! It was great to see them, as it has been quite a few years! Below are the only pictures I took. And they aren't even goods ones, but it's all I have to document our visit.

Carter, Caroline, and Jenna getting acquainted.

Jenna with her new BFF, Caroline.

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Carrie said...

At least you got pictures. I can't believe I left my camera in the car. Thanks for letting us invade your house. It was so nice visiting with you. Hopefully it won't take 5 years to see you guys again. Good luck this school year.