Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lots and Lots to Catch Up On!

So in the past two plus months A LOT has happened! For starters, we moved from the lovely climate of the Colorado Rockies back to hotter than a boiling pot Texas! Yes it's hot, but it is wonderful to be so close to family. We decided to move to the Austin area since my parents are here and we are staying with them temporarily until we find a house. So right now we are VERY close!

In order to catch you all up very quickly, I am going to post a bunch of pictures from the summer months before we left Colorado. I also plan to change the name of the blog since we are no longer living in the Rockies. Duh! I just need to come up with a clever and I am taking suggestions! Until then, enjoy the pictures!

Jenna and her Papa waiting for the Fourth of July Bike Parade to begin.

And it begins!
Jenna and her Daddy.

Jenna and her sweet friend Lauren
Lawson (Awesome as Jenna calls him!) and Ms. Ashlea

Mimi and Papa bought Jenna her very own scooter during their visit. She loves it!

Bye bye Mimi and Papa! Can't wait to see you again!

At the end of July, we headed to Michigan for my Dad's family reunion. We went last year too and Jenna had a blast both times! All Jenna could talk about in the weeks leading up to our trip was going to the beach!

Lunch at PF Changs before heading to the airport. She did not care for the children's chopsticks...

On the other hand, she did rather well with the adult ones!
The beach!!!

Jenna and her Bumpa going for a tractor ride.
Katie, Lexi, Erin and Bentley
Jenna went for a paddle boat ride with Anya, Lexy and Aunt Cristina

Time to build sand castles
Cristina and Heather
Lexy, Cristina and Uncle Daniel
Family shot

Not sure who's happier in this picture!

Back in Colorado, we headed up to Beaver Creek for some free family fun!
Jenna got to ride a horse...
Ride the gondola...
and pose for a picture with Mommy! (note the graham cracker in her hand. They also had s'mores, but Jenna just wanted everything separated!)