Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jenna Goes to the Park with Uncle Lawrence

Jenna sure loves her Uncle Lawrence, especially when he takes her to the park!

Sporting her new shades.

Push me high Uncle Lawrence!


It's Not a Stick!

Woodchips are fascinating...

The Easter Party at School

While Grandma and Grandpa were visiting for Easter, Jenna's school had an Easter party. So they joined the fun with Jenna!

Jenna's teachers always comment what a good little eater she is. Why then is she only the 4th percentile in weight?

Reading one a her favorite books with Grandpa. She loves this book so much that she tried to steal it when we left the other day. She put it in her bag and started dragging her bag away all the while saying, "Bye bye!" She also gets quite irritated with the other children when they are wanting a turn with it. Needless to say, I ordered her a copy off of Amazon.

The Easter Bunny...

uuuummmm.....Happy Easter?
Checking out the cool butterflies while waiting in line.
Taking a walk with Mommy around the kids play area.

Mooooommmmmm....stop messing with my hair!!!

Not so sure about this Easter Bunny.

Jenna's Second Easter

It was her second Easter, but her first basket from the Easter Bunny!

Aunt Heather showing her how the flarp works. If you don't know what this is, then you probably don't have a little boy or a little girl that enjoys bathroom humor!

She loved this little chick that played the Chicken Dance song as it waddled around.

So adorable at brunch after church.

Aunt Heather

Uncle Lawrence

"Mommy, I'm done with this picture taking thing!!!"

Getting Caught Up...

Well, it has been quite a busy few months, so I will do my best to catch up on what has been going on in the Parkhurst household. Brandon has been in Colorado since January for Tax Season. Jenna has been sick quite a few times. She also started a new daycare. We sold our house faster than expected and now Jenna and I are moving up to Colorado in a little over a week. We don't have a house yet. So we will be living a "cozy-like" in Brandon's 600 square foot one bedroom garage lock-off apartment. Me, Brandon, Jenna, the dog and the cat! Uuuuggghhh!!!! Pray for us!

The below video is rather old, but it was too cute not to post it!

Awhile back, like in January, Jenna got RSV and Grandma came to town to help nurse her back to health. One day while Mommy was at work Uncle Lawrence came for a visit. Jenna had to show off how well she had started walking!