Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jenna's Latest Shenanigans...

I would love to comment on each of these videao, but I am very tired and it took nearly 30 minutes to upload all of them. So, I am sure that you are all intelligent people and you can figure out what is happening! ;-p Enjoy!

P.S. The first one cracks me up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jenna Celebrates Her First Birthday!!!

Get comfortable....a bunch of pictures taken the day of her First Birthday Party!
Daddy and Grandpa assembling her new table and chairs for her playroom. Yes, Daddy is actually using tools!
Daddy jokes that we have always wanted a dining room table!

Checking out their handiwork.
Mommy and Jenna testing out the chairs.

An actual picture with Grandma in it!
The bow and headband lasted exactly 3 seconds!

Last minute primping before the party.

Her first releve.

An activity at the big event was to make your own tiara. Here's Hanna making her.

Jenna with Ms. Andrea. She loved sitting on top of Baby Madison!

Katie making her tiara.

Family picture

Jenna "blows" out her candle.

Still not so sure about cake.

Katie on the other hand very much enjoys cake.

Check out her new playroom digs!

Playing in her kitchenette.

Andrea, Mommy, and Carrie

Group photo with our neighbors; Stacy, Bennett, Tyler, and Jack Powell. Notice Bennett and Jenna gazing at one another. Bennett says that when he grows up he is going to marry Jenna. He's five!

Jenna and her betrothed. Right after this picture was taken, Jenna kept getting off of the couch. Bennett said, "Jenna, when you're older you're not gonna act like this."

Katie enjoying the ball pit.

Group picture withe the Dixon's; Daniel, Andrea, Hannah, and soon to be born Madison.

Group picture with the Rhodes; Carrie and Katie.

Carrie and Katie matched for church!

Winding down after the party with Daddy and a bottle of warm milk.

Mommy and Alfie checking out her new tunnel.
Now Uncle Lawrence checks it out.
What FUN!!!


My mom and Dad came in town for Jenna's 1st Birthday. These are just a few pictures from their visit.

Jenna desperately trying to get into the cabinet Grandpa is putting safety latches onto.
Okay, well can I at least help?

If you would just move over Grandpa then I could help you with Mommy's drill!

Happy baby!
She was yelling for Grandma to help her because she was stuck. What did Grandma do? She ran and got her camera first!!!

Grandpa helping her practice walking.

Grandpa reading her the Eency Weency Spider. He wouldn't sing it for her though.

Clowning around with Grandpa.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jenna's Pre-Birthday Celbration

While Mimi and Papa were here for Christmas we had a little pre-birthday party. Jenna got to open her presents from Mimi and Papa and she got to have a cupcake. Wait, let me rephrase. She got to taste a cupcake. You will see in the pictures below she was not a fan! ooh..yuck!
Some milk to wash it down. I am finally beginning the weaning process. That sippy cup has halg cow's milk in it! Yea! It's almost time to be done with the breast pump!

She Must Think She is a Dog!

It's official. Jenna thinks that she is part puppy dog. The signs have been there for awhile (check out this previous post), but now it cannot be ignored.
Sitting in Alfie's bed. Sometimes she sits in here and chews on one of his bones. Yuck!

I am at a loss for words!

And apparently Kanga thinks that she is a baby.

Random Fun!

Playing with her new kitchenette from Mimi and Papa.

Getting a ride down the hallway from Papa.

Having fun with her ball popper from Santa.

Loving her ballpit from Uma and Umpa.

More ball popper fun!

The Church "Bus"

Jenna loves going to the church nursery! Who wouldn't though? She gets hugged and kissed, there are other kids to play with AND she gets to go for a ride in the "bus!" That is what they call the stroller built for six. Jenna thinks it's pretty cool to get pushed around with other babies. She gets so excited whenever she sees it!


So, it actually snowed in Dallas on Christmas Eve. It melted by noon on Christmas, but it was pretty while it lasted! Thanks to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Christina up in New Hampshire for the hand-me-down snowsuit! It probably wasn't all that necessary, since it was a mere snow dusting, but what a cute little snow bunny she makes!

Mommy getting Jenna all geared up to go "play" in the snow!
Well, it's actually more sitting in the snow than playing in it. She sure looked cute though!!

More of Jenna's First Christmas!

Jenna seemed to really enjoy her first Christmas. How could she not? She got TONS of presents!

Reading Jingle Bugs with Mimi.


This is one of her new favorite toys, her shape sorter.

Jenna enjoying Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas Show with Papa. He would watch it with her all day long!