Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jenna's Pre-Birthday Celbration

While Mimi and Papa were here for Christmas we had a little pre-birthday party. Jenna got to open her presents from Mimi and Papa and she got to have a cupcake. Wait, let me rephrase. She got to taste a cupcake. You will see in the pictures below she was not a fan! ooh..yuck!
Some milk to wash it down. I am finally beginning the weaning process. That sippy cup has halg cow's milk in it! Yea! It's almost time to be done with the breast pump!

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Julie said...

I love all the pics!! Can't believe she's almost ONE! Wow.

I had to give Caroline meds recently and she wasn't supposed to have any dairy products 2 hrs before or after taking the medication. I asked if breastmilk was considered dairy, the pharmacist said it was. I've never felt so much like a cow in all my life. I quickly went from nurturing mother to lactating mammal in one fell swoop.

Congrats on cow milk! That's huge. And I'm also super impressed that you pumped for an entire year.