Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jenna Celebrates Her First Birthday!!!

Get comfortable....a bunch of pictures taken the day of her First Birthday Party!
Daddy and Grandpa assembling her new table and chairs for her playroom. Yes, Daddy is actually using tools!
Daddy jokes that we have always wanted a dining room table!

Checking out their handiwork.
Mommy and Jenna testing out the chairs.

An actual picture with Grandma in it!
The bow and headband lasted exactly 3 seconds!

Last minute primping before the party.

Her first releve.

An activity at the big event was to make your own tiara. Here's Hanna making her.

Jenna with Ms. Andrea. She loved sitting on top of Baby Madison!

Katie making her tiara.

Family picture

Jenna "blows" out her candle.

Still not so sure about cake.

Katie on the other hand very much enjoys cake.

Check out her new playroom digs!

Playing in her kitchenette.

Andrea, Mommy, and Carrie

Group photo with our neighbors; Stacy, Bennett, Tyler, and Jack Powell. Notice Bennett and Jenna gazing at one another. Bennett says that when he grows up he is going to marry Jenna. He's five!

Jenna and her betrothed. Right after this picture was taken, Jenna kept getting off of the couch. Bennett said, "Jenna, when you're older you're not gonna act like this."

Katie enjoying the ball pit.

Group picture withe the Dixon's; Daniel, Andrea, Hannah, and soon to be born Madison.

Group picture with the Rhodes; Carrie and Katie.

Carrie and Katie matched for church!

Winding down after the party with Daddy and a bottle of warm milk.

Mommy and Alfie checking out her new tunnel.
Now Uncle Lawrence checks it out.
What FUN!!!

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