Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lots and Lots to Catch Up On!

So in the past two plus months A LOT has happened! For starters, we moved from the lovely climate of the Colorado Rockies back to hotter than a boiling pot Texas! Yes it's hot, but it is wonderful to be so close to family. We decided to move to the Austin area since my parents are here and we are staying with them temporarily until we find a house. So right now we are VERY close!

In order to catch you all up very quickly, I am going to post a bunch of pictures from the summer months before we left Colorado. I also plan to change the name of the blog since we are no longer living in the Rockies. Duh! I just need to come up with a clever and I am taking suggestions! Until then, enjoy the pictures!

Jenna and her Papa waiting for the Fourth of July Bike Parade to begin.

And it begins!
Jenna and her Daddy.

Jenna and her sweet friend Lauren
Lawson (Awesome as Jenna calls him!) and Ms. Ashlea

Mimi and Papa bought Jenna her very own scooter during their visit. She loves it!

Bye bye Mimi and Papa! Can't wait to see you again!

At the end of July, we headed to Michigan for my Dad's family reunion. We went last year too and Jenna had a blast both times! All Jenna could talk about in the weeks leading up to our trip was going to the beach!

Lunch at PF Changs before heading to the airport. She did not care for the children's chopsticks...

On the other hand, she did rather well with the adult ones!
The beach!!!

Jenna and her Bumpa going for a tractor ride.
Katie, Lexi, Erin and Bentley
Jenna went for a paddle boat ride with Anya, Lexy and Aunt Cristina

Time to build sand castles
Cristina and Heather
Lexy, Cristina and Uncle Daniel
Family shot

Not sure who's happier in this picture!

Back in Colorado, we headed up to Beaver Creek for some free family fun!
Jenna got to ride a horse...
Ride the gondola...
and pose for a picture with Mommy! (note the graham cracker in her hand. They also had s'mores, but Jenna just wanted everything separated!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Our church held Vacation Bible School the last week of June. We meet in an elementary school on Sundays so we had to meet at a park to hold it. Since we would have childcare available for volunteers, I was not able to teach this year. Instead I had the under three's at my house! We had fun! Jenna wasn't here all five days as she went to another churches VBS with a friend that had a class for two year olds. She had a  blast and learned the B-I-B-L-E Song!
Jenna and Levi (or Eeguy, as Jenna calls him) sharing a pb&j.

Jenna holding Jackson. He's four months old, but already as big as her!
On Wednesday, it was just Jackson and me, so we went to the park. He loved the swings!
What a cute boy!

Eagle Flight Days

The last weekend of June, our little town has a "festival" called Eagle Flight Days.  We did not go last year because Jenna was still taking two naps a day and I didn't want to mess with that. We learned this year that it is in fact a pretty BIG deal! There is live music, a parade, rides, food vendors and all kinds of booths and activities for young and old. Jenna and I met up with friends their on Friday night for The Baby Contest (not kidding). She saw some kids riding in a train. Had no idea there were ride or that I would need cash. I had no money and all Jenna could talk about was the train. I promised her we would come back the next day and she could ride the train, but I may have to break into her piggie bank to pay for it!
Watching the parade with her friend Bella.

Decorating a visor with Mommy at the Kids Tent.

Riding in the train! She was so proud to help Mommy count her quarters to give to the "conductor."
Went on a Big Girl ride with Ms. Shelley and Bella. This kid is fearless! I don't think that I rode one of these things until I was at least 5 or 6.
Going fishing at the Library Booth. She "caught" a bouncy ball with streamers. I think she was disappointed that she didn't catch and actual fish though.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jenna Invites Herself to go Swimming!

One of our neighbors in the cul de sac has a little girl who is four. We have only met them briefly, so to say they are merely acquaintances is an understatement. Anyhoo, one day after church, Jenna saw that they were outside playing in a blow-up pool with a slide. So, she took it upon herself to make them her friends! She ran downstairs and out the front door all the way to their house! She's friendly like that! Needless to say, she charmed them with her personality and they invited her to come play. She played to her little hearts content!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Very Eventful Morning at the Parkhurst Household

I came downstairs early yesterday morning and Brandon says, "Swiper is in the back yard." (As in Swiper the fox on Dora) So we watched him as he hunted on the foothill in our backyard. Then he started getting aggressive and pounced onto a bush. We were like, WOW! He's going to  catch his breakfast! All of a sudden a black cat jumps out of the bush and they begin chasing and circling one another.  The picture below shows their ten minute stand off. There was growling from the cat and barking from the fox. I was really surprised that the fox had a bark like Alfie did when he was a puppy. I guess I expected something more ferocious than that.

I guess the other fox heard the first one's distress call. In came reinforcements! They were both in a stand off with the cat. After another five or so minutes the cat managed to escape unharmed, well at least unharmed in our yard. The second fox chased after it. I don't think they wanted to eat it, I think they were staking claim to their hunting territory and they didn't want competition. Both foxes were back there for a good ten minutes after the cat was gone. Not sure if they ever caught anything, but hopefully they were bale to feed their pups.

Jenna and Daddy Snuggle on the Couch

Jenna even pretends to be sleeping.

Jenna Wears Mommy's Sunglasses