Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Very Eventful Morning at the Parkhurst Household

I came downstairs early yesterday morning and Brandon says, "Swiper is in the back yard." (As in Swiper the fox on Dora) So we watched him as he hunted on the foothill in our backyard. Then he started getting aggressive and pounced onto a bush. We were like, WOW! He's going to  catch his breakfast! All of a sudden a black cat jumps out of the bush and they begin chasing and circling one another.  The picture below shows their ten minute stand off. There was growling from the cat and barking from the fox. I was really surprised that the fox had a bark like Alfie did when he was a puppy. I guess I expected something more ferocious than that.

I guess the other fox heard the first one's distress call. In came reinforcements! They were both in a stand off with the cat. After another five or so minutes the cat managed to escape unharmed, well at least unharmed in our yard. The second fox chased after it. I don't think they wanted to eat it, I think they were staking claim to their hunting territory and they didn't want competition. Both foxes were back there for a good ten minutes after the cat was gone. Not sure if they ever caught anything, but hopefully they were bale to feed their pups.

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