Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ooops! I Almost Forgot Easter!

Jenna got to color eggs for the first time this ear. Not sure why I reused to buy the egg coloring kit, but I thought why buy it when you can make it yourself. BIG mistake! HUGE! (Pretty Woman, anyone?) Anyhoo, the eggs still got dyed, but they turned earth tones instead of pastels. Oh well, live and learn1
These eggs are supposed to turn yellow and purple. We got yellow, but purple was more brown.
Why use a spoon to turn the eggs when she has a perfectly good finger?!
All messy! Maybe she can just lick it off!
Our finished project.
The easter Bunny made a stop at our house.

Checking out the goods.
Mmmmmmm...bunny chocolate!
Time to find the eggs!
Found another another one!
All ready for church.
Jenna and Daddy.

Jenna and Mommy.

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