Monday, January 3, 2011

Mommy Gets a New Camera!!!!!

So, finally! After YEARS of "hinting" that I would like a DSLR, Brandon took a hint and bought me one for Christmas! Jenna and I had a little fun with it this morning! Even Alfie made it into a shot.

Side Note: The pajamas that Jenna is wearing were a a gift from Gumma and Bumpa for Christmas. To say that she loves them is putting it mildly. When I was changing her into her clothes, so we could go to Target, she threw a fit of all fits!!! She kept crying for her Dora pants and was trying to kick off the actual pants I was putting on her and yelling, "No Mommy! No!" It was as though I was making her wear pants made out of fire ants!


Julie said...

I can TOTALLY tell this is a new camera. These pics look great and are so clear!!

Diana said...

What a great gift... the pictures are wonderful, you sure are going to have a fun time taking pictures of your little model.

Erika said...

We got a DSLR this Christmas too! Congrats!