Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jenna Has Friends Over to Celebrate!

Jenna and Lawson eating at the kid's table.

What a sweet face!
Lawson's older brother, Luke. Jenna loves playing with these boys.
Singing Happy Birthday!
Her Dora cake. She asked for Dora cake every day for a week after her party. Thank goodness they were all gone within a couple of days.
Luke, Lawson and Ashlea
Yummmmm...Dora cake.
Her face was stained pink for a couple of days after this! (I am sure those of you that know me best, are wondering why on earth she is eating a store bought cake on her birthday. Well, I have attempted a cake once since we moved to a high altitude and it was a FLOP! So, until I perfect baking here, I will be serving store bought cakes! So hard to do!!!!)
Lawson striking a pose!

Bella dressed in princess clothes.

Ashlea and Lawson playing balloon basketball. We had to blow up a balloon for each kiddo to play with. Who says kids even need toys!
Jenna and Luke
Bella and Genesie sharing the drum. Funny...a few minutes before this they were fighting over it!
Jenna opened her presents. Yea! A new book!
A magnetic drawing board!
An Elmo coloring book! Score!

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Julie said...

Look at you and all your friends with kids!! That's so fun! I'm glad Jenna has so many cute friends to play with :)