Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jenna Turns Two!!!

My baby girl turned two on January 5th. My how time flies. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital. She had a great birthday. The night before, I let her open one gift. It was from Mimi and Papa and was the darling outfit she was going to wear for her party. She calls it her princess clothes.

 Ooooo, wow! As she opens her new princess clothes.
She is very excited to get to wear it!

Her presents. She went right to the trampoline from Gumma and Bumpa. It is the perfect gift! She loves it and Mommy loves it because she bounces out her extra energy!

Time to try it out!
A drawing board from Mommy and Daddy. It's so cool. The crayons hold water. So, she draws with water and no marks are left anywhere in the house, except on the board!!!

A new sled from Mommy and Daddy. Sadly, we haven't had much snow, so I have only gotten to take her out once in it.
A princess castle., every time we drive by a large house, she says, "ooooh, castle!"

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