Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jenna Goes to Missouri Part Three: Bass Pro Shop and Santa

Bass Pro Shop is THE place to go on Black Friday in Springfield. Plus, they had really neat holiday displays and a free picture with Santa. Of course, it turned out cute, so I bought some as well!
Waiting to see Santa and checking out the reindeer.
Jenna showing off her stuffed rainbow trout. She became very attached to this fish immediately and there was NO way we were leaving the store without it. This fish has rarely left her grasp since that day. She has slept with it, carried it around the house, carried it in her Dora backpack and she even had to have it on the plane ride home!
Jenna, her fish and Daddy.
When it was FINALLY her turn. she ran right up to him and jumped up into his lap. She wasn't scared at all and didn't cry. She didn't smile either, but it wasn't torture.

"I want Dora and Boots to come live at my house. And I want Elmo to come over and sing Elmo's song. And I want to be in an episode of o Gabba Gabba. And...."
Then she saw this fish!!!! Fortunately we were able to talk her into leaving the store without it.

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