Friday, November 19, 2010

Jenna Goes Fishing

Brandon had been itching to do some fishing for awhile, so he decided he was going to take his Sweetie Pie on a fishing excursion. Well, not so much an excursion as a stroll down the street. She was very excited to going fishing. Although, I am not sure she knew exactly what it was.

Daddy!Wait for me!!!

Trying on Daddy's fishing gloves. I am not quite sure why fishing gloves were necessary. I mean, it's not like they were out in the Pacific trying to catch Moby Dick. Is that the ocean in that story? I can't remember. It's been awhile since high school!
Watching Daddy fish and wanting a turn.
She finally gets her turn. Sadly, neither of them caught a fish. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that Jenna was done after about 10 minutes.

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Diana said...

This picture is priceless!