Monday, November 15, 2010

Dora Goes Trick or Treating!

Since it gets pretty cold in Colorado on Halloween, I needed to come up with a warmer version of Dora the Explorer. This is my inspiration.
 What Dora would wear to go Trick or Treating in Colorado.
 Pièce de résistance..."Backpack" and "the map!"
Dora and Boots 
 Trust me, I searched high and and low, but alas no one makes a Boots costume for little dogs. Go figure! So, I found a purple monkey costume which was closer to gray than brown I suppose and some red dog boots. Alfie was of course, less than thrilled as usual, but was a good sport and posed for a couple of pictures!
 Mommy and Dora leave to go trick or treating.
Enjoying her one piece of chocolate before bed!

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