Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a Little Hug Can Do

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel for the day (at 8 am might I add), Jenna changes everything in 10 seconds!
Jenna woke up at 1 am and then I couldn't go back to sleep until after 2:30. Then she woke up for the day at 4:45!!!! I tried getting her to go back to sleep, but no luck. I even turned a video on for her in her bedroom on a little TV that is still in there from when Bible Study was at our house last week. (I really wanted just a little bit more sleep!) She just cried and threw things to get out of her crib. So, that meant Mommy was up for the day on very little sleep.
Downstairs we go. Mommy needing coffee and Jenna needing lots of attention. Over a time span of about 15 minutes, Jenna had already taken two cereal boxes out of the pantry to be opened. She wanted Kashi Berry Crunch and Cheerios. I open both boxes and give her a little bit of each. She decides she no longer wants her yogurt and asks for milk. I get out another cup and poor her some milk. When I gave it to her she decided she no longer wanted it and she pushed it away and said, "No milk." Sigh. She asks to watch The Wiggles (yea!). I turn it on for her and return to the kitchen.
Great, she's occupied and since I am up, I can make the red velvet cake for the cake balls I am making for Bible Study on Sunday evening. Just as I am getting ready to poor the batter into a cake pan, she comes in and says, "Bite?" She wants a "bite" of raw batter. I told her no and she persisted. Being as tired as I was, I caved! Terrible mother, I know. Then she wants more. I didn't give it to her. So, she got one of her chairs and pushed it over to the counter to get some for herself. Persistent little girl, isn't she? I redirect her to the living room. Please sit and watch TV! Let me also add that she has taken off her pajamas and is running around in a diaper despite the fact that is snowing outside.
At this point, I am getting a tad bit flustered. Remember, very little sleep. I return to the kitchen and eat the last cupcake. I swear we have more food in the house than just cupcakes! Yesterday we had an impromptu birthday celebration for her little friend, Milo since we missed his party. One cupcake was left and I ate it with my coffee!
Now, I am tired, cranky and I have a sugar high that is making me a little sick to my stomach. I sit down. Jenna comes over with her Little Tikes car wanting me to push her in it around the house. Seriously kid! MOMMY IS TIRED!!!!! I tell her, "No baby, not right now. Mommy is very tired and she wants to sit." Jenna responds by coming over to me. She rests her head on my leg, hugging it with one arm and rubbing it with the other softly saying, "It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Shhh. All better Mommy? All better?"
"Yes baby, all better. Thank you."
"You're welcome. Bye bye!"
And into her little car she goes to drive back to the living room to watch The Wiggles. So, I am a little tired, but that's okay. I can just take a nap when she goes down at 1!

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Erika said...

Isn't it amazing how they can drive you crazy one minute and then melt your heart the next?