Monday, October 26, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by my friend, Julie. I met Julie and her husband Jason 5 years ago at our previous church in the Young Married Sunday School Class. She and Jason were married about the same time that Brandon and I were. However, they got started much earlier on the procreating. They just had their 3rd! We also taught at the same elementary school, but at different times. If you haven't read her blog before, check it out. I ALWAYS laugh out loud!

Here's the deal with this tag: share five things you're obsessed with and then pass the award on to the five most fabulous blogs you know.

1. I am obsessed with my Blackberry. I am embarrassed to admit this. Mainly because I used to get onto Brandon for always being on his. Now, I am am always checking mine. I check my email and Facebook and even browse though friends blogs. Sometimes I even shop online. I send texts and once in awhile I actually call somebody with it! I can take pictures and videos with it and then email them, text them, or post them to Facebook. There is no end to the things it can do!

2. I am obsessed with clipping Box Tops for Education. I will even buy a different brand even if it costs more than the 10 cents the box top is worth just to get the box top! And don't even think about throwing one away in my presence because you are going to hear about it from me!I mean, it's free money for schools!!! Would you throw away free money?

3. I am obsessed with watching everything I have taped on my DVR. Heaven forbid should I get behind on my TV watching or not know what is going on, on one of my MANY shows. I almost breath a sigh of relief in May when the networks start the horrible summer line-ups and a bunch of reruns. It means I have one less thing that I "have to" do!

4. I am obsessed with I started reading this website religiously while I was pregnant and now it is part of my daily internet habit. I belong to a community message board that is a bunch of moms that had babies in January of 2009. We went through our pregnancies together and now the first year. I have never met any of these women, but I feel like I know all of them and their babies! The funny thing is that I rarely post anything or even comment. I'm like a cyber stalker that lurks on the board. I really need to start calling my friends more!

5. I am obsessed with finding Old Navy's hidden coupons online. If you have never done this check it out on their website. The sight is updated sometime every Thursday. You just click around on the page and try moving things around and then coupons pop up. I cheat though, and check out the online cheat sheet. The sight will only let you print off one coupon per week. I try and try,but I can never seem to get a $75 off $100 or even the $50 off $100. How cool would that be?

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Dani and Greg said...

you are so freakin hilarious! I love how obsessed you are with things! I'm so glad we got to see you!!! you know, that night, we discovered that marlys' emerging tooth was really TEETH. and the second bump was INFECTED. Not kidding. It's such a disappointment we don't get paid for this crap.

Julie said...

I've never been on but I love the books... from what to expect during pregnancy all the way to what to expect during the toddler years.

I'm going to HAVE TO go to the Old Navy website. I've never known that about the hiddne coupon.

I was in Toys R Us yesterday and saw a stuffed Foofa (sp?) from Yooooo Gabba Gabba and totally thought of Jenna. ;)