Monday, October 26, 2009

And One More Thing...

6. I am obsessed with Jenna's daily imports and exports. She's nearly 10 months old and I still track daily how many wet and poopy diapers she has. I track how many ounces of breast milk she drinks, which I can do because I only pump and she takes it from a bottle. I track how many ounces of breast milk I pump. I track how many tablespoons of baby food she eats and what she eats. I track how many hours to the minute she sleeps in a 24 hour period. I reason that I do it in case the Doctor asks, so I can give him an accurate answer. The truth is, I just can't bring myself to stop keeping track of every detail of her day. How do I do this while I am at work one might wonder...Miss Paige is wonderful and happy to oblige my madness!!!

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