Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets

For those who do not live in Texas, springtime is the time to drive around and take pictures of your cute kids in fields of bluebonnets. Usually this is not a challenging task. This year however, the fields are sparse with the State Flower. Being the determined person that I am, I called up my friend Carrie, to see if she and her daughter, Katie would like to join Miss Jenna and me on a trek around town to find some bluebonnets. We ended up driving all afternoon and found a pathetically small patch about an hour or so away from home!!! I just couldn't give up!

This is Jenna less than impressed withe bluebonnets.

Jenna's friend Katie.

The girls together. Aren't they cute?

The "bouquet of bluebonnets." Isn't it sad? Right next to a ditch with litter. Whatever happened to "Don't Mess With Texas?"

Mommy and Jenna...

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Katy's Mom said...

I am envious of even the tiniest of bluebonnet patches! I have ALWAYS wished I could take pictures of my children in those fields...too bad I live in Maine and always miss the BBs and the redbuds. Oh well..Maine has beautiful cherryblossom trees and amazing purple lupines along side the high way (bluebonnets are actually a type of lupine, so it is a bit like home everytime I see them!) Only a few more weeks til we come to town! Yea!