Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This year was Jenna's first Easter! We celebrated by of course going to church and then headed to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Amato's. Mimi (whose name has been shortened to "Meems") is in town because she took the first shift of "Operation Mommy Goes Back to Work." She will be here until the end of the week and then Grandma comes, and Tia Leah and Willa too!

Mommy and Daddy with Jenna
She's actually squealing in this picture, not screaming as it appears!

She is loving her fingers!

She was really ready to be done taking pictures at this point!

Mommy and Jenna

Meems, Jenna, and Mommy

Meems and Jenna

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Julie said...

Adorable! I love Easter!