Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jenna's First Trip to the Mall, the BOB, and Other New Adventures!

Jenna goes for a walk!
Mommy and Jenna break in the BOB.
We are both looking forward to Jenna being old enough to go jogging in it!
She slept for the entire walk.

Jenna' goes to the mall and stops in Barnes and Noble.
(I would imagine we will be spending a lot of time here as she grows up!)

Jenna concked out after a hard afternoon of floortime.
Well, maybe not an "afternoon," but more like 10 minutes!

Jenna rolls over on her side from her back.
And yesterday she rolled over from her tumm to her back, but Mommy didn't have a camera handy!

Jenna tries out her hotsling. She likes it!

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