Tuesday, December 16, 2008

36 Weeks: Let the Countdown Begin...

So I was awaken by a phone call this morning... school was delayed. Then just as I was getting out of the shower... school was cancelled! I was a little disappointed because 1. I have a ton to do at work today and 2. now I will lose a bad weather make-up day in the spring when I had planned on being at home with the baby. :( Something about icey roads, but personally, I think the roads are just fine. Oh well, I am making the best of things... laundry will get done, floors were swept, and Grandma's Swedish Coconut Cookies are being made! On a side note, I was frantically looking for warm pj's since it is 20 something outside and laundry still needs to be done.... I tried on these jammies from pre-pregnancy days and lo and behold! They actually fit!!!! The jacket doesn't fit around my belly anymore, but the pants fit just fine! Wahoo!!!

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