Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Hover Craft

After I began my second trimester and my belly started to grow, I was no longer able to sleep on my stomach as I have done for many years. All the books say not to sleep on your back any longer at this point either. So, what's a girl to do? Well, first she tries to prop up every extra pillow in the house around her to stay on her side and keep comfortable, but to no avail! The pillows kept moving and falling off of the bed. Brandon hated the invasion of the pillows and slept on the couch. No fun at all!

So, online I went in search of a solution. First I found the Bumpy Total Body Pillow. They carried it at Target, so I went and picked one up. It SUCKED!!! It was flat and offered no support. I was barely showing at the time and knew I was only getting bigger, so I would need something much better than that. Online I went again. This time I found a pillow by Leachco called the Back and Belly pillow. The BEST $70 I have ever spent in my life! I love it!

I didn't realize just how much I loved it until a couple weekends ago. We went to San Antonio for a "Babymoon," as some call it. We had a full size bed, which is considerably smaller than our King size and I braved the trip without it. I was miserable the entire weekend and barely got any sleep at all!

Here I am, back at home enjoying my sleepsaver, aka. "the hover craft."

Brandon, on the other hand was less than thrilled with this purchase as is takes up a considerable portion of the bed. (He decided to start calling it "the hovercraft" because of it's size and it looks like a flotation device!) I say, "was" less than thrilled. The other night, I went into the bedroom to find him comfortably propped up in the hover craft watching sports.

Brandon caught enjoying the hover craft!

Even Alfie enjoys the hover craft. (Kanga does too, but she doesn't like to pose for photos!)

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Katy's Mom said...

Hehe! What a typical cat!! Im sure she flops right in the middle of that sucker when youre out of the room! I love the one of Brandon..he has a bit of a smurk on his face! Like "yeah..Im in the pregers pillow...what of it!" hahahah!