Saturday, September 13, 2008

Her First Pair of Shoes!

Secretly since we found out we were having a girl, I having been jonesing to buy our little one her first pair of shoes. And since, Robeez are all the rage in baby footwear, I was planning on buying this brand. I finally broke down and bought a pair today at Whole Foods because they were on sale for $4 off, which isn't much , but it gave me an incentive to buy them. When I came home and put away the groceries, I left the shoes out on the counter for Brandon to see. Our proceeding conversation went something like this.

S: Did you see the shoes I got her today? They're all the rage in baby footwear.
B: Yeah, I saw them. What's so special about them?
S: I don't know, they're little and cute and made of leather.
B: Oh. So, why does she need them?
S: Because all the babies are wearing them these days. And she'll need them to complete her cute little outfits.
B: Oh. Are they even going to fit her? They look kinda big.
S: Yeah, she'll grow into them.
B: So, they're like crawling shoes?
S: Yep, she'll need different shoes when she starts to walk. She'll need more support.
B: Oh, OK.

I guess men really do not understand why it is that women need so many pairs of shoes!

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Kit said...

Cute Cute. I never could afford to buy these shoes, but my friends seem to love them.