Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bumpa and Gumma Come to Colorado Part One: Bumpa and Jenna Fix Stuff

At the beginning of September, Bumpa and Gumma came to visit. While here, I put my Dad to work fixing things around the house that I was having trouble with. He of course, enlisted some help from his favorite apprentice, Jenna. Maybe some of you recall and earlier post where Jenna was helping  her Bumpa install safety locks on the cabinets in Texas.

Getting some supplies at Home Depot.

Working on the broken table leg for Jenna's table.
Clamping the leg, so the glue can dry.
Fastening a loose screw on the kitchen table.
Putting sliders on the bottoms of Jenna's chair.

They sure got a lot done!


Julie said...

Those have to be the cutest grandparent names ever!! :)

Diana said...

Thank you Julie, Jenna picked our names ~ time will tell if they will be ours forever. :-) Bumpa LOVES having an apprentice, when he was looking at the blog he said "Jenna really does like to help me fix things", and then he smiled and chuckled. She still takes our breath away. :-)