Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jenna Goes to Michigan Part Three

Or maybe we should call it Jenna learns to eat like a Wilczewski in Michigan! The best part of our annual Wilczewski Family Reunion at the lake is the food. Always a yummy breakfast, snacks and lunch throughout the day, then a delicious dinner followed by some sort of yummy dessert. Then to top of the night we have hot dogs and smores at the campfire. You are guaranteed to gain at least 5 pounds during this week. Here are some pictures of Jenna learning how it works. Unfortunately she was sound asleep by the time we had campfire, but she hopefully get to stay up for that on the next trip.

Jenna enjoying some Pinconning cheese...this cheese is made in Michigan and is a pretty big deal to our family.
Yaya sharing some dinner with Jenna.
Stuffing her face with eggs.
Waiting patiently for her breakfast and attempting to balance a spoon on her nose.
Sharing a dog biscuit with Uncle Bob. This may seem odd to most,  but I gave her that dog biscuit to take to him. When I was little, he had me convinced that he actually ate dog food and treats. I still occasionally send him a box of dog bones.
Popsicle time! Yea!
Yummy baked beans, potato salad and corn on the cob.
Roscoe, of course was happy to clean up anything she did not manage to eat. What a good little helper.

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