Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jenna Goes to Colorado

A month after the fact, I finally get around to posting pictures from Jenna's first airplane trip. Actually her first trip anywhere! We flew to Colorado to see Brandon. He's there already since it is tax season and Jenna and I should be moving there at the end of April. Oh, and for those who don't already know...we are moving to Colorado!!!

Vie from Brandon's apartment.

Jenna enjoying her Yo Gabba Gabba DVD. This is what I used to entertain her on the plane. She actually did pretty well.. She was a little squirmy, but overall did better than I expected. She of course refused to sleep...too much going on.

Getting some cuddles with Daddy before church.

Brandon's landlords have small children and they lent Jenna some fun toys to play with while we were visiting. She loved them!

Of course she loved playing with the non-toys and Daddy even more!

Jenna really loved that none of the cabinets were baby proofed!


Leilanni said...

Um, yeah, I think I missed that moving memo!! Wow!! Sometime email me or message me on FB and give me the scoop! Looks beautiful there :-) Jenna is so adorable!

Julie said...

Guess you'll change your blog title to "The Parkhursts in Colorado", huh?

Lawrence said...

Dont worry Leilanni, I'm family and I didn't even know they were moving until at least a month after they decided and I thought they were moving in may not end of April. I guess I'm not privy to this information