Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tia Leah and Willa Come to Town!

My oldest friend (and by oldest, I mean the friend I have have had the longest in my life! :-)), Leah and her daughter Willa came for a visit last week to meet Jenna. We had a blast. Willa was so great with Jenna, and Jenna thought she hung the moon. She was very impressed with the "Big Girl."

Neenee and Willa after her bath time.

Tia Leah and Jenna at bedtime.

Willa was quite the helper during her visit. She was always bringing us things from other rooms and swiffing the tile!

Willa loved being with Jenna when she was in her swing. She even helped her swing faster when the swing was not going fast enough in Willa's opinion!

Me and Jenna at our very first story time at the Frisco Library.

Girls Day Out... all of us at the Frisco Library. The story read was called, "Feeley Bugs." It was so cute, I ordered one for Jenna!

Lunching Ladies at Bonnie Ruth's. Yummy!

Jenna cracking up at Willa.

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