Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family Visit Part 2: Christmas Morning

Brandon very excited about joining the 21st century and getting his very own I Pod!
He got me my very first gaming console, a Wii and also a Wii Fit. Hmmmm.... I hope he isn't trying to say something here!

Heather happy to have new clothes.

Lawrence happy to have new underwear. This kind of concerns me.

Dad happy to have more UTEP gear.

My very own Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl!!!

Brandon excited about our upcoming arrival; aka our "New Aquisition."

Yea!!! The BOB!!

Mom getting cozy in her new scarf.

After a yummy Christmas meal, cooked by my dad :-), I couldn't decided which dessert I wanted. So, being nine months pregnant and all, I tried all of them!!!

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Liz said...

Oh my gosh! I got a Wii for christmas too and I went and bought the Wii fit last week. It's my first gaming console also and I love it. I love the Wii fit. You should get a game called Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. It's awesome and so much fun!!